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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Living Seas!

After creating our ships in a bottle we looked at another maritime artist from the MFA -Winslow Homer and his painting The Fog Warning.  Students used VTS (Visual Thinking Strategies) to figure out what was happening in the painting and then we began to create our own rough seas.  Using papers we painted we covered cardboard with our blue paintings and created three dimensional waves.  Students learned how to curl, bend and twist their papers to create their seascape.  Once this step was complete we used our other painted paper to create a boat using origami.  Students decorated their ships with sails and flags.


Dream Catchers

Second Graders used paper plates and shapes to explore the concept of rotational symmetry.  When their designs were complete, we added color using markers.  Students then learned about the legend of Native American Dream Catchers.  These creations are placed above the bed to snare bad dreams in their web and let the good ones trickle down the feathers to the resting person below.  Student learned how to weave their own web and finished their art by attaching beads and feathers.

Contour drawing

Fourth graders practiced creating contour drawings by using markers to trace their own image onto a piece of transparency taped to a mirror.  Once their contour was complete, we dampened a piece of paper and printed it on white paper.  What a fun process!

Color mixing papers

1st graders are looking at the work of Eric Carle.  Eric Carle creates his famous images -like The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by painting tissue paper and using it to create his collages.  We decided to add color to thin paper in a different way.  Students folded a piece of dippity dye paper and dipped the corners into cups of primary colored liquid watercolor.  When the paper was unfolded we noticed the colors joined together to create secondary colors.  Stay tuned because we will soon be using these papers in our own Eric Carle inspired creations...

Terracotta Warriors

Fifth graders learned about the discovery and restoration of China's Terracotta Warriors.  Each of these 8,000 sculptures are unique.  Students designed their own unique terracotta figure and transformed it into a Styrofoam printing plate.  Students made 4 prints each, cut them out and exchanged them with others.  Students then collaged their figures on a strip of paper and the papers were displayed together to create our own terracotta army.

Brush Ink Painting

Fourth Graders examined the ancient art of Chinese Brush ink painting.  We had a great opportunity to work with ink and actual bamboo brushes.  Students learned how to hold the brush properly and create a variety of marks.  In this style each brush stroke is supposed to be visible and artists often meditate to clear their minds of all distractions before painting.  We practiced by taking deep breaths, using quiet voices and listening to traditional Chinese music while we painted.  Finally, students applied what they learned to create a more finished piece focusing on plants and nature.

May The Arts Be With You

Our district wide art show is really not to be missed!  I'm super proud of all of our Garfield artists chosen for the show this year as well as all the other talented artists across the city.  Coming to this event is a great way to show your support for our art and music programs in Revere.  The music teachers do short performances with their students, there's a ton of art, and we try to make it fun for all with art activities, a photo booth, fan mail and a bake sale.  What a great event!!