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Monday, September 21, 2015

Check out our dots!

Here are some of the dot projects we did for dot day!  Each grade studied a different artist- learning how they made their mark.  We then created dots inspired by the marks these artists made so famous!!
Pointillism dots by kindergarten
Kandinsky dots by first grade

 Mondrian dots by second grade

van Gogh dot by third grade

Romero Britto dot by fourth grade

Fifth grade Lichtenstein dots

Thursday, September 17, 2015

DOT DAY 2015!!!!

What an amazing day!! On Dot Day we celebrate all the things I try to instill in my students- bravery, creativity and making your mark!
Students showed up to school today decked out in their dots.  I especially liked the outfits students made themselves- like the pom pom necklace, and shirts that were hand painted or decorated with dot stickers.  Students really embraced the idea of creativity!

I wore my own dots and was very excited to see the others teachers getting into it as well!  Mr. LaBruna painted his arms!  Mrs. Keplin had dots on her sweater and nails and Ms. Ryan even wore dot stickers on her hat and her shoes!!
Teachers even did dot day activities in their own classrooms!! (Thanks Mrs. Speziale!!)
So what did we do in the art room today?  Well, I decked out my room with dot streamers and balloons (and even carried around my dot balloons all day)

Every student that entered my room today was asked to "make their mark" on my dot day sign in board.

Students who had me today took a break from our regular activities to create some dot day trading cards.  Following the theme of creativity and bravery, students got creative when creating their own dots for their card.  Students were also asked to put a try statement on their card- something they would like another person to be brave enough to try.

In addition to the trading cards students were asked to create dot day awards.  Students were asked to think of someone that works at the school that has "made their mark" on them.  At the end of the day I placed all the awards in the teachers mailboxes.

I can't wait to celebrate this special day again next year!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Dot Day is Coming Next Thursday (SEPT. 17th)

Dot Day!

All of our students at the Garfield Elementary created a dot for Dot Day this year!  Dot Day is based on the story The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds.  It is a day to celebrate bravery, creativity, and the self-expression that comes from making your mark on the world.  In the art room we kicked off our year by discussing how some artists are well recognized for the marks they made/make.  The artists chosen for our dots are those whose mark is almost as recognizable as their signature.  Each grade level focused on a different artist or style.

 In Kindergarten, students discussed pointillism and their use of dots to make an entire picture.  First graders discussed Kandinsky’s love for the circle.  Second graders were introduced to the horizontal and vertical lines, as well as the geometric shapes that have made Mondrian’s art so popular.  Third graders turned their attention to van Gogh, describing how he included so much emotion in his paintings through the use of his thick choppy marks.  Fourth grade focused on the cheerful paintings of Romero Britto- who is considered by many to be the artist of joy.  Finally, fifth graders discussed the ben-day dots made famous by artist Roy Lichtenstein in his cartoon like paintings. 

Each grade was inspired by these artists to create a dot of their own using the marks the artists made so popular, and yet they still managed to put their own twist on it! 

How will you make your mark this school year?

Not familiar with the story? Check it out here:

Meet the Teacher

I was so excited to meet some parents at meet the teacher night!  Parent made some dots of their own for our dot day celebration coming up next thursday!  Everyone who drew a dot got a box of candy dots from me.  I ran out of candy at the end of the evening.  It was great to see everyone making their mark!