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Monday, September 12, 2016

Are you ready for Dot Day??!!!

Image result for dot dayDot Day is usually celebrated on September 15th (because that's when the book The Dot was published).  However, I decided to push our celebration back this year in order to give us the time to discuss Dot Day and create our own amazing dots!  This years celebration will take place on SEPTEMBER 23rd at the Garfield School.  How does one celebrate Dot Day you ask?  On this day (and really every day in the art room) we celebrate the main ideas from the story: bravery, creativity, collaboration, and making your mark on the world.  Students will need to wear their uniforms on this day but can accessorize with dots (like dotted socks, scarves, shoes, bows, headbands, ties and bow ties.  Students have already started making their dots and this year parents and teachers were invited to get in on the fun as well by creating their own dots too.  Check back soon to see our finished project...until then- Happy Dot Day!!!!