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Friday, October 26, 2012


Glass is one of my favorite art mediums.  I've made my own stained glass windows, kiln formed glass, and I've even blown glass!  The third, fourth and fifth grade are about to start a large group art project based on one of my favorite glass artists- Dale Chihuly.  Students can see a real Chihuly sculpture at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. (It's free to visit on wednesday nights...there's information about it on the bottom of my blog)  I hope parents will be encouraged to take their students to check it out!  Glass blowing is so fun and interesting to watch--if your family is looking for something to do you might consider visiting Diablo Glass -where you can watch a glass blowing demonstration with your family.  It's not too far from the museum so you could actually visit both places on the same day!  Here's a link to their webpage:Diablo Glass School -Family Experience

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