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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December Break Family Activities at the MFA!!!

Take a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts during your time off this December vacation!  The Museum offers free art activities for families all week long from 10am-4pm.
Some of the activities being offered are:

Americas through the Ages Charm Necklace Art of the Americas Wing Level 3
Explore the four floors of the Art of the Americas Wing. As you move from the oldest American art in the lower level (LG) to the modern work on the top level, think about the connections you can make between the art of the past and the present. Create your own charm necklace inspired by the art you see and the connections you make.
New Year's Resolution Postcard Lois B. and Michael K. Torf Gallery 184
Available until 8 pm on Wednesday, December 26

Step back in time to 100 years ago and see how postcards depicted daily life in "The Postcard Age." Create your own postcard for the coming year with your New Year's resolution on the back and a drawing of yourself accomplishing it on the front!
Coin Design Michael C. Ruettgers Gallery for Ancient Coins 212C
Marvel at different types of coins from the ancient world. Notice the symbols, mottos, and metals in these miniature sculptures; then design and emboss your own coin creation.
Pets: Then and Now Education Center in Druker Family Pavilion Room 159
Search for a variety of animals in the woodblock prints in "Cats to Crickets: Pets in Japan’s Floating World" (Gallery 278A). Examine how animals were part of daily life in Japan in the 1700s and 1800s, and then join us in the studio Room 159 to create a print about the role of animals in your life today.

*Click on this link to get more information!
December vacation at the MFA!

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