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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Frank Stella Racetracks

Second graders explored the work of artist Frank Stella.  Using the smartboard, we examined a website devoted to the artist and his piece Jarama II.  Following the clues offered on the site, the class was able to determine that the artwork was not just a random pile of scraps and colors.  In fact, the artist had put his work together in such a way that it would remind viewers of a race track.

Breaking down the artwork piece by piece and examining it closely allowed students to understand how the artist communicated his ideas in an abstract way.  The class learned that certain techniques could be used to create a sense of motion in an artwork.  To achieve these effects, artists often repeat shapes or colors- creating patterns, overlap shapes, and use a variety of colors. 

Finally, the class was ready to create their own Stella-inspired piece.  Stella’s artwork was usually so large that he would need assistance in creating it.  Keeping this idea in mind students worked in teams to create their own abstract racetracks.  Each group used patterns, many colors, overlapping and teamwork to create their end results!

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