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Monday, June 8, 2015

Rose Windows

Fourth grade students discussed radial symmetry as they came up with their own radial designs which they drew onto a cd with sharpie markers.  Once the cds were complete we learned about life in medieval times.  Most people were peasants and for them life in the middle ages was very hard
Very few could read or write and nobody expected things to get better
The only hope for most people was their strong belief in Christianity and the expectation that life in heaven would be better than life on earth.  For this reason the Churches in the time were very important and much thought and effort was put into their construction.    While the buildings are impressive on the outside nothing prepares you for when you walk inside...stained glass windows create beautiful effects of light throughout the inside.  Most impressive are the Rose windows (named for their flower like shape) that are featured on many cathedrals.  Students used their cds as their own rose windows and designed their own cathedrals around them!

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