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Friday, April 8, 2016

SPRING P.A.R.T.Y.!!!!!

Every year we celebrate art and music in Revere with our district wide art show.  The event used to be held in March (which is youth art month)  and was called March on the Arts.  Last year because of all the snow, we moved it to May and changed the name to May the Arts Be With You.  This year because of all the testing in May we had to move it to April-- which required yet another name change! The event was renamed Spring P.A.R.T.Y.  The art and music teachers work very hard not only to put on this show, but also to make it better and better each year.  I'm really proud of what the event has become!
For anyone who has never been, it's really a lot of fun and I hope these pictures give you some incentive to join us next year!! The art is amazing, there are musical performances in different locations throughout the event, we run a bake sale, and this year we added a photo booth, art activities (which we hope to expand in the future) and fan letters.  I'm exhausted from all the work but it was well worth it.  I love the excitement on my students faces when I tell them their art has been chosen to be featured in the show.  This year I also presented students with awards for outstanding artwork (thanks for your help printing these Mrs. Ryan). 
Students came down the morning of the show to have their photo taken with their awards
 Some friends missed the announcement in the morning so I took their photo separately:)

 P.A.R.T.Y. guests had the opportunity to write some fan mail to their favorite artists!  At the end of the show letters were sorted and will be delivered to students at their respective schools.

We had a bunch of props for people to pose with against our backdrop.  Who doesn't love a good selfie?  Next year we'll have to hashtag it so we can see everyone's fun photos....

Art Teachers drew out a variety of frames for our Selfie Station

The art on display was simply amazing.  I was especially impressed with the work from the High School...

Guests came into the event through the cafeteria which held the bake sale and some of our musical performances- including our own Garfield Glee Club!

The Glee Club getting ready

What a great performance!!

Upstairs in the library there were more musical performances and sculptures on display

Our drawing station also took place in this space

The hallway was packed with people- what a great turnout!!

The Junkyard band performed in the library along with Mr. Gasper (their art teacher) who helped them create all their instruments from recycled materials.  Awesome! (video to come)

The evening closed with a great performance in the auditorium by all our amazing music teachers; including our own Mrs. Keplin- who stole the show!(video to come)

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