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Monday, January 23, 2017


Second grade students began the year by discussing Cubism.  Cubism is a style of art where artists try to show things from many different angles all in one picture.  Students examined works by Picasso to understand how cubists create their work.  Next students shifted their attention to artist Enno de Kroon.  Enno de Kroon is also interested in showing the viewer many different angles but approaches his work differently; because instead of painting on a regular canvas, he creates his art on egg crates!  He calls this new experience of painting and viewing art Eggcubism.  Unlike traditional cubism where there’s just one right angle to view an artwork Eggcubism has various viewing options, that turn a beautiful smiling lady into a five eyed monster.  The bumps on the egg crate make the images painted on them appear differently depending on which angle you look at them from.

Students created their own Eggcubism self portraits by painting on recycled fruit cartons we collected from the cafeteria at school!

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