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Saturday, March 2, 2013


Both myself and our students are excited about our sculpture in progress!!  Second, third, fourth and fifth graders have been studying the work of renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly.  Students learned how glass is formed, and how Chihuly relies on his team to help him create his masterpieces. During the course of this lesson we thought about where creative ideas come from.  Looking at Chihuly's work we could see how the artist was often inspired by the world around him.  Nature was a definate source of inspiration in his sculptures known as seaforms.  While examining these works students learned the difference between shape and form and geometric and organic shapes.  After examining his seaforms students then turned their attention to some of the other forms he creates out of glass-- including his twisted horns and goosenecks which he uses together to create large glass installation know as chandeliers (which hang from the ceiling) and towers (which rise from the ground).  Student then set out to create their own tower--but just like the real glassblowers we realized we were going to need teamwork to complete this!  Second graders created their "glass" sculptures by painting the inside of a water bottle and then cutting it into a spiral when it was dry.  Older students created their organic "glass" sculptures by adding tin foil to the end of their water bottles and shaping it into their own gooseneck or twited horn.  Color was added with tissue paper and glue and a glass like gloss was achieved with mod podge.  All of their sculptures are currently being placed together on the large armature I created from a PVC pipe wrapped with foam pool noodles.  This allows me to stick large toothpicks (bbq wooden skewers) into the foam and then add each artwork to the spikes created. The sculpture is located in the main lobby next to the lexia lab.  Check it out the next time you are in the building!!

*Check out the real Chihuly tower located at the MFA in Boston (admission is free wednesdays after 4:45)


  1. Just found your blog. Score! Love your sculpture! Thanks for including such great details about the construction. Very helpful!

  2. This was one of my favorite projects!-and the kids loved it!!