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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Van Gogh Chairs

Third Grade students studied the life and art of Van Gogh.  We learned the difference between impressionism and post impressionism.  Impressionist artists were very interested in painting outdoor scenes where they could show the effects of light.  They are also known for leaving their brush marks showing.  Post impressionism came after the impressionist movement.  These artists also left their marks visible but instead of representing the natural world they were much more interested in showing their inner emotions.  This way of painting was perfect for Van Gogh who is known not only for his great art but also for his emotional problems.  In class we discussed his relationship with fellow artist Gauguin and saw how Van Gogh represented his thoughts on himself and his friend in his chair paintings.  Students were then challenged to create their own chairs.  Each student had to think about what kind of chair would best represent them and how the things in the surrounding space could describe them as well.

*check out the website on how van Gogh made his mark under art games and great sites!

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