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Monday, December 7, 2015

Mondrian Inspired Sculptures

Kindergarten students studied the work of artist Piet Mondrian.  We described and discussed his use of primary colors and shapes like rectangles and squares.  Although Mondrian's work is abstract (doesn’t try to look like anything real) students were able to look at the way he used the shapes and colors in Broadway Boogie Woogie (pictured here) and discuss how it reminded them of different things.  Some students described how it looked like legos , a map or the inside of a computer!  In fact Mondrian wanted this artwork to remind us of the fast pace streets of New York City- where he would often go to listen to his favorite music- Boogie Woogie; thus the title, Broadway Boogie Woogie. 

Students worked in teams at their table to use primary colored construction paper cut into squares and rectangles to create their own Mondrian inspired sculpture!

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