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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Self-Portrait in Kimono

Second grade students discussed the art of the Kimono (originally the Japanese word for clothing).  Kimonos are traditional Japanese clothing that are simple straight seamed garments secured with a sash called an obi.  Students discussed the history of the kimono, the reasons for wearing a kimono today, Japanese traditions, as well as the different kinds of kimonos that are used for different occasions. 

Each student began the creation of their own kimono by considering the season it would be for.  Students chose colors they thought might best represent their chosen time of year and used markers to decorate 2 coffee filters.  Once the designs were complete we sprayed the filters with water and set them aside.   Next, students created a self-portrait.  Once complete the filters were wrapped around their portraits to create the kimono.  Origami paper was used for the collar and obi(belt).

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